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During the past decades the Giudecca Island completely changed its appearance. It has been transformed from an ex-industrial, densely populated, low income area to one of the trendiest spots in Venice. International designers, artists and VIPs pay a premium price to open their contemporary art gallery or showcase their fashionable loft or studio on the Giudecca Island.


The island has a good infrasructure with bakeries, groceries, a super market, a fish shop, cafés and restaurants and many small, specialized shops. 

There is also a supermarket on the Giudecca called Coop.


At one end of the Giudecca you'll find the famous five-star Cipriani hotel with large private gardens and salt-water pool.

At the other end, the Molino Stucky has been converted into a luxury hotel and apartment complex. 


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Safety & Security

The condominium is secure location with a concierge during working hours.
You can reach all emergency service by dialing free of charge the European emergency number 112 (all services, including ambulance, police and firefighters).

Chemists' shops (Italian: Farmacie) are all around the town. They are open 24hrs. a day / 7 days a week on a rotational basis: outside the shop there's always the list of operating ones with time-table, address and phone number.



The Weather in Venice

Current weather: Mist ()
Temp: 16°c (61°f) Wind: NE at 7 mph (11 kmph)
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Today's weather: Moderate or heavy rain shower ()
High: 21°c (69°f); Low: 15°c (58°f) Wind: ESE at 5 mph (8 kmph)
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Tomorrow's weather: Moderate or heavy rain shower ()
High: 21°c (70°f); Low: 16°c (61°f) Wind: S at 4 mph (6 kmph)
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Tides, Acqua alta (high water), etc.

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